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American author: Sandy Nathan American author: John R Garland Australian author: Ia Uaro Canadian, BC self-help guide Author: Renee Guenette US Author: Richard Capriola
Sandy Nathan John R Garland Ia Uaro Renee Guenette Richard Capriola
Bloodsong Endor the
Witness The Magic A Nation Under Judgment

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"Hajni is a consummate professional with a keen eye for painstaking detail. Her online marketing skills guarantee success for any published author who cares to engage her services. She also places a high premium on commitment and reliability. Publicists simply don't come any better than Hajni." - Dr. Yomi Garnett

American author: Ayn Cates Sullivan American author: Dewey Reynolds American author: Janet Morris American author: Erik Daniel Shein American author: Mary J Williams American author: JT Caldwell American author: Richard Wold American author: Kaylin McFarren American author: Raymond Hutson
Ayn Cates Sullivan Dewey Reynolds Janet Morris Erik Daniel Shein Mary J Williams JT Caldwell Richard Wold Kaylin McFarren Raymond Hutson
A Story of Becoming Network of Killers/ Stuart Duffelmeyer Trilogy I, the Sun / Beyond Trilogy The Monsterjunkies Harper Falls Series The Chaplain's
Stan Flaherty's
/ Threads Series
ma 'shuge

"Thanks so much for not only my book's publicity, but for your advice as well. It is so nice that there are people out there one can still trust, and rely on." A. Alex Come': Killing Blue Eyes
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American author: Stella Marie Alden American author publicity: James Priest American author publicity: K Kibbee American author publicity: Edwin Herbert American Author publicity: Marcia Feldt American Author Publicity: Ron Hanlon Australian author: Mary D. Brooks US author: Mike Walters
Stella Marie Alden James Priest K Kibbee Edwin Herbert Marcia Feldt Ron Hanlon Mary D. Brooks Mike Walters
How To
Your Knight
The Spell of No'an
Forests of the Fae Mythos Christos The Oys & Joys Hearts Can
in Time
In The Blood
Of The
Still Wilde In Outlaw River
"Substance Books is the first place an author should put his/her publicity money. It will be well spent. Great bang for the buck." D H Brown: Honor Due, Honor Defended

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American author: P T Borden Canadian author: Kim Cormack American author: John David Bethel Chinese author: Tim I Gurung American author: Clifford S Coull American author: Jim Stewart American Author: Richard Cibrano
P T Borden Kim Cormack John David Bethel Tim I Gurung Clifford S Coull Jim Stewart Richard
Southern Medley
and a Sordid Affair
Let There Be Dragons Evil Town OLD MEN DON'T CRY Like Trees Grow Together The Voices Within Us Dead

/ Unthinkable
American author: Marian Parisher-Nichols American author: Steven Van Patten American author: Eris Field American author: Daniel Black American author: Lee French American author: Erik Kort American author: Teresa McRae
Marian Parisher-Nichols Steven Van
Eris Field Daniel Black Lee French Erik Kort Teresa McRae
Within the Attic Brookwater's Curse Lattices of Love Be Careful What
You Wish For
Greatest Sin Series / Girls Can't Be Knights Greatest Sin Series Mamie Garrison

American author: J. Carson Elliott American author: P.G. Van American author: Edwin Dasso, MD American author: Regina M Joseph American author: Michael Meyer American author: Don Mardak Canadian author: Kim Brassor Greek author: Andrew P Weston
J. Carson Elliott P.G. Van Edwin Dasso, MD Regina M.
Michael Meyer Don Mardak Kim Brassor Andrew P Weston
TWO OF A KIND: Destiny Decides Jack Bass Black
Cloud Chronicles
The Three
Kitties That
Saved My Life
Grand Circle Series Reaching for the Rings The IX
American author: Owen Thomas American author: Jason Zandri American author: Sharon Cramer Top American Business Guide Author: Tony Deblauwe Top Sci-fi Author: Ralph L. Angelo Jr. Top Romance Author: T. Hammond Top Author: Melissa Washington Historical Author: David K Saunders
Owen Thomas Jason Zandri Sharon Cramer Tony Deblauwe Ralph L. Angelo Jr. T. Hammond Melissa Washington David K Saunders
The Lion Trees I, Hero Series The Execution Tangling
Conflagration Blind
Get Back
to Work
The Dreams
of Kings
American author: S. B. Alexander American author: Timothy H. Cook American author: G. A. Whitmore American author: Cary Allen Stone American author: R.E. Dinlocker American author: Kevin Hollingsworth American author: Dee Bockler
S. B. Alexander Timothy H. Cook G. A. Whitmore Cary Allen Stone R.E. Dinlocker Kevin Hollingsworth Dee Bockler
The Maxwell Series / On the Edge of Destiny/ The Book of
Drachma Trilogy
A Place to Call Home After the Evil Maiden Shanghai / Shanghai'd Romance With A Touch of Love Blood Flow

"Hajni is very knowledgeable in her field. Give her a job and it is done right away.”." David Andrew Crawford: Dark Solus

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American author: Pete Freyburger American author: Gini Anding French, Paris author: Karen Moller Canadian author: Barry Finlay American author: Michael P. King American author: Shirley Hailstock American author: Jess Steven Hughes Canadian author: Mike Martin
Pete Freyburger Gini Anding Karen Moller Barry Finlay Michael P. King Shirley Hailstock Jess Steven Hughes Mike Martin
VETTING International Spy Series Forbidden Games Kilimanjaro and Beyond The Traveling Man More Than Gold The Sign
of the
Eagle Trilogy
Winston Windflower Mystery Series

Author: Milton Paredes Portella Canadian author UK author American author: Darren Hunter American author: Dennis Coslett American author: Darrel Rachel American author: Francine Paino
Milton Paredes Portella R.A. Carter-Squire Elizabeth Revill Darren Hunter Dennis Coslett Darrel Rachel Francine
El Maligno Dancing to a Dangerous Tune Llewellyn Family Saga Allison Murder Mystery The Million
Day Forecast
Jane Doe / Taylor Made Harrington's
To Live
and Die
for Dance

American author: Nora D'Ecclesis American author: G. Zimmerman UK author: David Clive Price American author: Boo Starling American author: Rose Shababy American author: L. L. Dahl-Jensen Canadian author: HW Cumming American author: Paul DeBlassie III
Nora D'Ecclesis G. Zimmerman David Clive Price Boo Starling Rose Shababy L. L. Dahl-Jensen HW Cumming Paul DeBlassie III
I'm So Busy!
Lock Your Door
Verdure Leading You Into Unexplored Territory The Undoing
of Lily Welch
The Blue Effect Rita, Rita The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle The Unholy

"Substance Books has been superb. The customer service is great and their service is prompt. I especially appreciated receiving the personal attention of the owner. Thank you Substance Books." Miranda Conyers: Daddy Please Don't Cry

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American author: T.C. Winters American author: Hellie Haldane American author: Lou Macaluso British author John Nicholl American author: James T Harman American author: Justine Faeth American author: H. Allenger American author: Aleatha Romig
T.C. Winters Hellie Haldane Lou Macaluso John Nicholl James T Harman Justine Faeth H. Allenger Aleatha Romig
Blue Falcon Lizard Leather Deja Vu, Italian Style White is the Coldest Colour Calling All Overcomers Chat Love Polyxena Insidious

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