Why should I launch my book's Online Book Publicity and Search Engine Marketing Campaign with your company?

- To assure your title is found by targeted readers who search for the genre and sub-genre of your title.

We will featured your title within the TOP 10 listings (first page) of major engines under several key phrases and words related to its genre and sub-genre. We can GUARANTEE this exposure since we already achieved these ratings. Contact publicist to request access to SERP "Search Engine Ranking Position" reports.
- To achieve Maximum Global Online Visibility and Exposure.
Online Book Publicity is created and optimized by Online Book Publicist and Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Hajni Blasko.
Your profile and book segments will be designed so search engines can easily discover and index them, making it possible for prospective readers to discover you. You will be able to take advantage of Hajni's expertise and experience at a fraction of the price as it would cost you to hire your own Search Engine Optimization Specialist. By listing your book on Online Book Publicity, your book will be exposed to thousands of potential customers who pass through our virtual doors each day.
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We Focus on: - Easy of navigation and distribution path for visitors.
Once visitors start browsing, we make it easy for them to discover books and authors of possible interest with features such as featured authors and titles offered in wide variate of categories, free titles and promotional events. Our purchase paths with direct links to distributors make it easy to purchase titles and without any forced and unwanted advertising techniques. Various book formats even currencies provide links to where readers can purchase print, audio and ebook versions of your book.

We Create: - Attractive and informative presentation of our represented titles.
For each book you list with Online Book Publicity, we create a segment dedicated to that book. We will upload a book cover (or if not yet published some other artistic representation of your book). Add synopsis or include reviews and descriptive tags to help readers find your book. Your book segment is where prospective readers can access samples of your book in formats readable on ebook reading devices, like Kindle or Nook.

We Provide: - Free Social Media Networking tools.
Social media is all about taking what we've always known as "word of mouth marketing" and unleashing it on to the Internet, where people can easily share information and interests. You already have a captive network of friends, family and colleagues and you have probably already been telling them what you have been working on and drum up interest in your book. This is all great, but someone else especially someone well respected in the industry mentioning your book will have more promotional weight.
Social networking through Online Book Publicity enables your new found fans to follow you, contact you and be poised to purchase your book directly. On each book segment, you will notice links to popular social media sites such as Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook. Simply by clicking on these links, your readers can share your book with friends. Each time someone clicks on one of these links, they are building a virtual pathway that leads back to your book segments or your profile on Online Book Publicity.

- To use the networking power of hundreds of authors.
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Online Book Publicity holds the compounded promotional power of hundreds of authors, which cannot be compared with each author's individual marketing efforts. You can read what some of our current members have written about Online Book Publicity and its performance here: Client Testimonials.

- To use the services of a well-established company providing exceptional client support and satisfaction and representing hundreds of authors since 2001. Click to read how well we do it!

- To receive the latest industry information regarding online book publicity.
Our clients are added to our private Facebook group "Substance Books Strictly Business". This group offers tips and ideas written by industry professionals on topics related to book publicity.
We hope this answer was helpful and we have given you a good reason to submit your book.

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Break-down of Campaigns:
One-year Campaign. $500
Two-year Campaign. $850
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