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Steven Van Patten
Brookwater's Curse Volume 1
Christian is a member of a nocturnal law enforcement community that safeguards the secrets of the creatures of the night. This involves the killing of werewolves and other deranged monsters; something Christian excels at. But his fraternization with humans and his incessant need to kill racists vexes his superiors, who threaten to execute him if he doesn’t curtail his ‘racial impulses’. Christian also suffers from a rare condition that makes intercourse with human females especially dangerous.
Of course, the warrior's code can't replace the desire for love, or the search for happiness. With those goals in mind, Christian embarks on a series of sin-laden adventures, eventually migrating to New York City. Christian's inner-turmoil rages on as he struggles between his principles as an African-American and his instincts as a vampire.

American author: Steven Van Patten Publicity Site of Steven Van Patten
Book tags: fiction, novel, adventure, dark fantasy, horror vampire, urban, Steven Van Patten, Brookwater's Curse Volume 1
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