Digital publishing stirs up BookExpo America, makes online publicity even more imperative

Lugging my suitcase of book samples from BookExpo America to my hotel room every day in New York was a chore. However, there were a few titles which weighed far less than others; compact discs, web addresses and USB sticks loaded with E-books took very little space or effort to carry and I was happy to have them tucked in with all my soft-covers. The next time I go on vacation I'll pack light and still have all my holiday reading. Read more

Substance Books authors collaborate to boost social networking exposure at BookExpo America

New York, NY: Three authors represented by the online book publicity company Substance Books are putting social network collaboration theory into practice in preparation for Book Expo America 2011. Ramona Wray, P.H.C. Marchesi and Dr. Greg Martinez are recommending, re-tweeting and sharing one another’s press releases and titles on social networks. In doing so, they are widening their online exposure and increasing their WuzzRanks with relatively little extra effort. Read more

Feed your pet to avoid the vet: Dog nutrition guide to be featured at BookExpo America

New York, NY- The bad news: over 60,000 dogs suffered from ear infections last year in the USA, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance, whose statisticians also recorded itchy skin, hotspots, vomiting and diarrhea as the most common ailments. The good news is that our pets can fight all of these problems and boost their overall health by eating right. "Improving a dog's diet is simple once you understand what to do," says California veterinarian Dr. Greg Martinez. "It's not about buying exotic formulas, cooking up special concoctions or putting your dog on a strict regimen. It's about common sense and paying attention to the needs of the particular dog." Read more

Fresh new take on supernatural young adult romance to be presented at BookExpo America

New York, NY: A steady stream of supernatural teen romances hit the shelves in the wake of Twilight's success, but Hex, a Witch and Angel Tale offers something refreshingly different. Read more

Fantasy novel celebrating the potential and excitement of young adulthood to be featured at BookExpo America

New York, NY: You're invited on a trip to another dimension, and you won't need to pack a suitcase. Just bring along a youthful sense of adventure. Read more

Book publicity's digital decade: Interview with Hajni Blasko, online book publicist, on the 10th anniversary of Substance Books
Hajni Blasko started the world's first online book publicity network, Substance Books, in February 2001. Ten years later, she remains a pioneer in this emerging field. read more

Substance Author: Bala Sankar in the News - RTIR Online/Radio-TV Interview Report - Jan, 08, 2010
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Free Link-Exchange Project at Substance Books
Aug 30, 2009
Highest number of participating authors, ever.
List of participating authors will soon be released.
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Aug 25, 2009
Coast Guard Releases Baltimore Water Taxi Report
Watch video: Father Speaks On Tragic Taxi Boat Accident