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       Book Publicity and Category Driven Google Marketing campaigns!

What is included in a publicity campaign? How will your book be promoted?

1. As soon as we launched your campaign, we will immediately start working towards your book being visible on the first page of Google.
This is a process, but improvements in S.E.R.P. of your own web page or the category page your book is featured on, can be noticed within weeks.

2. We will monitor ratings and make adjustments accordingly.

3. We support and back-up our SEM goals by also promoting your title on Social Media.

    3.a. Your book will be promoted on our Facebook pages. We run 103 pages followed by 94 000+ people.
    Your book will automatically be promoted on pages targeting readers of its category.

    3.b. Your book will be promoted on our Facebook groups. We run 82 genre-specific groups of 62 000+ members.
    Your book will automatically be promoted on groups targeting readers of its category.

    3.c. Your book will be promoted on Goodreads (an Amazon company) to enhance your visibility on Amazon.

    3.d. Your book will be promoted on Pinterest. We run 52 boards. We have generated 320 000+ pins. Our boards are followed by 14 500+ users.

    3. e. Your book will be promoted on Google+ via feeds.

    3.f. Your book will be promoted on Twitter via tweets and feeds. Our company is followed by 19 000+ people.

    3.g. Your book will be promoted on Instagram.

    3.h. Your book will be promoted on YouTube within its genre-specific video.

4. Your book will be included in our Promotional Rotations as well as Genre-specific Promotional Rotations.

5. You will be able to participate in various free promotional projects on content and visual based social media.
    Example: Twitter Days, Facebook page Like Promo, Amazon Author page Like Promo, Pinterest board invites, Goodread Review Exchanges.

6. You will be able to monitor our work and results via a private group mandated to inform our clients about our promotional projects.
    Guaranteed weekly feed-back.

7. You will have access to our Knowledge base of articles and tips on how to best promote your book.


In addition, membership will allow you apply to participate and/or to be represented at major book events
    (BEA, The London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair). Additional charge.

In addition, membership will allow you to apply for our Amazon Bestseller program. Additional charge.

Substance Books reserves the right to any adjustments regarding projects on Social Media.
Adjustments could vary due to changes within third party platforms, over which we have no control.
Changes may also occur due to finding better and more productive ways to promote our titles.
The overall value of these services will never decrease and all changes will be conducted in order
to increase their value and effectiveness as a promotional tool.

Substance Books - Online Book Publicity is the largest online book publicity company on the Internet specializing
in book promotion and search engine marketing. We have represented thousands of authors and titles since 2001.
We drive a significant percentage of the industry's traffic related to books, authors and publishers.
After you make payment, we will gather all the information we need from your Amazon book page and other
online sources. If we have questions we will send you an email before we get started.
We hope this information was helpful.

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