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Thriller title tags: Kind Nepenthe .:. Blue Falcon .:. Dead Reckoning .:. The Electra Conspiracy .:. The Traveling Man .:. The Computer Heist .:. Stan .:. Behind the Lies .:. Network of Killers .:. Mythos Christos .:. Fuse of Armageddon
Thriller author tags: Elizabeth Revill .:. Sharon Cramer .:. Richard Wold .:. Richard Cibrano .:. Michael P. King .:. Edwin Herbert .:. Tia Catalina .:. Hank Hanegraaff .:. Sigmund Brouwer .:. Matthew V. Brockmeyer

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best action adventure Historical Cold War Thriller
PB: $21.59
Buy direct buy this Historical Cold War Thriller
Richard Cibrano
Dead Reckoning

An inventive thriller that spins a complex web from the heart of the Cold War to the dark secrets behind the Kennedy assassination, Dead Reckoning is a historical novel about the reckless bravado of the spymasters on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

This book was featured at BookExpo America, New York!

Recommend title online book publcity of best Historical Cold War Thriller online book publcity of Historical Cold War Thriller
Fiction >> Historical >> Thriller
Book tags: fiction, thriller, mystery, suspense, historical, cold war Click here to add more ...

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