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Sydney's Song humorous novel
PB: $24.00
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Ia Uaro
Sydney's Song

Olympic fever runs high in the Australian summer of 1999 and 17-year-old Sydney has caught it. Little does she know taking a holiday job in the beehive that is the Olympics' public-transport call centre will be life altering. She is trying to negotiate her parents’ divorce, abusive callers, obnoxious government agencies, constrictive office rules, and liberated friends as her own personal Olympics when Pete sees through her tough outer shell. This former child prodigy from Boston knows what it takes to present a dignified front when all you want to do is howl at the moon. Treating their friendship like an art, Pete invests time and creative effort to pull Sydney out of her despair.

Tragedy strikes when an accident leaves Pete with a major brain injury in a Boston hospital. When the going gets very, very tough, will you abandon the one who has promised to love you until he dies?

Set in Sydney and Boston where heartbreaks are juxtaposed with humor, SYDNEY’S SONG by Ia Uaro is a humorous fiction, adventure, coming of age, and love story that follows an undefeatable girl's courageous journey to adulthood.
     "Sydney’s Song a warm and enjoyable coming-of-age tale." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

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Roger W Kramer
The Siege Of Ka'an
Book Two in the New Roman Empire Series
Attalee, a twelve year old boy king, must face the threat of a barbarian army that outnumbers his own, three to one. It was tactics that helped him win the Battle for Ka’an and the story continues as Attalee realizes that skillful strategy must be used, if the New Roman Empire is to survive, The Siege of Ka’an.

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